Man it’s been hot in London today. 33 degrees, blistering, painful even.

And what’s that got to do with looking cool?

Well. I’m in shorts and a very thin tee and venture out on the bus to go to the swimming pool.


So, I’m on this bus and the sweat is pouring into my eyes, my headphones fell off off because not enough friction. I’m using my swimming towel to wipe myself down and lamenting my lack of foresight to bring a bottle of water.


Every time I look out of the window there are all these kids walking around with their hoods up, wearing woolen hats. Hell, I even saw one in a North Face Puffa jacket? (Yes, not that it matters but they were all black)


I was thinking, how can you do that? Do you not know how ****ing hot it is for crying out loud? Were you born without sweat glands?


Anyway. I went for my swim and I even sweated 3 ounces in the pool. Afterwards I met with a friend for a coffee and a chat. For coffee read 3 pints of iced water.


A mutual West Indian friend of ours stopped by where we sitting on the street (He’s a delivery driver) and when he gets out of the van he starts kicking it and swearing about how he can’t believe his company bought him a new van and didn’t think to get one with air conditioning.


He sees us and says hi, and he’s sweating his cojones off even just wearing a vest and shorts.


I say – “Thank god! Black men can sweat! What is it with all these kids wrapped up like it’s January?”


He replied – “Oh, they do it to look cool… Idiots”

I bought him a Frappachino…



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