OMG Carl. TBH I can’t say we’re surprised but really, you guys are scum…

No, no no. Not one of those idiots. You’re right, they are scum.

So what kind of Zombie Clown are you then? There’s a good kind?

Sure there is. A load of us Zombies took over London’s West End last week. Had a laugh, bit of a drink, raised money money for charity. You know, cool stuff.

And people liked it?

They loved it! Never had so many people ask to have their photo taken with me. Nearly blinded by the flashlights. BUT guess how many times I got arrested…

Ummm, knowing you, twice?

Not even once! A new record.

Well done. Glad to hear you’re being rehabilitated.

It’s all about releasing the inner Zombie and being true to your dead side.

Wow. Should I give it a go?

Absolutely. I’ll lend you my make-up… (And don’t underestimate the benefits of Zombie sex shops)



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