OK Carl. We know you’re going to tell us whether we want to hear about it or not… *sigh*

Yes! But this is great news. It finally happened! 😀

*2nd sigh* – Go on then, what happened?

You know! The thing!

*3rd sigh* WHAT thing?

OK, seeing you’re being so pushy. I’m not going to shout about it or make a big deal but…           I’M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!

Funny. Thought someone as talented a writer as you would have been published years ago….

Yeah, you’d think. But admittedly I have hidden my light under a bushel for a long time…

So what’s this about you being last?

Well, in their wisdom, the publishers made my story the last one in the anthology.

And that’s a good thing? We’d expect you to be upset.

Well you’d be wrong. When you go to a gig do you remember the first song or the last?

Hmmm… I do see your point. So you’re taking it as a compliment?

Absolutely. Always leave them (you) wanting more… 😉  Buy it here. I would say please but I don’t want to lose your respect.



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