Simply can’t be bothered to write anything new today…


Are you an adult?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines adult as –

A person who is fully grown or developed.

Now I have issues with this. I can concede that I’m fully grown. I.e. I’m not likely to grow any more, in fact I think I’m shrinking (except for my ears). But fully developed?

I don’t think so.

If I were then surely I wouldn’t need to spell-check everything? How come I still play stupid, possibly harmful pranks? Why don’t I have all the answers?

I think we need a new word.

How about smexper?

Sufficiently More EXperienced PERson.

It could work –

A child must be accompanied by an smexper.

Smexper material

Smexper’s only.

I like it. It fulfills the requirements of the meaning of adult yet is not definitive. There is room for adjusting the terms of ‘sufficiently more experienced’ without the catch-all broadness…

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