Doesn’t respond well to criticism…


What do you mean you don’t respond well to criticism Carl?

What! Are you saying I don’t communicate clearly enough?

No, no. I was just trying to expand the conversation.

So you’re saying I’m boring or stupid?

No! I was just trying to start a dialogue.

So you can’t accept my statement at face value? Are you saying I’m not providing enough information to keep your interest?

Not at all. I just wanted to get more information.

So you ARE saying I’m boring! Well, I’m so, so sorry I’m not interesting enough to keep your attention…. Bigot.

I’m not a bigot!

So now you’re saying I’M a bigot?

NO! Not at all. Please don’t get upset.

Well. It’s a bit late for that. I told you I don’t take criticism well…

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Things I’m no good at – Part 9 – not walking into people using mobile phones

Huh? Why on earth can you not walk into people using mobile phones Carl? Are you blind?

Yes, I’m totally blind. I’m writing this using speech to text. That’s why there are so many grammatical and spelling mistakes. That’s my excuse anyway.

But really, why do you walk into people using mobile phones?

Well, it’s not so much I walk into them but let them walk into me. It’s a new game I’ve invented. It’s great fun.

Does this new game have a name?

Absolutely, I’m going to copyright it. It’s called Totally Scare The Shit Out Of Teenagers Who Don’t Look Where They’re Going Because They’re Obsessed With Their Phone And Walk Into Someone Scary Who’s Much Bigger Than They Are.

Hmmm, catchy.

I like it. I’m thinking of making it into an app….