Things I’m no good at – Part 10 – being stupid.

Pissing ourselves laughing! OMG Carl, that is the funniest (and least accurate) thing you’ve ever said! You are TOTALLY brilliant at being an idiot! You could give lessons!

Hilarious, give yourself a medal.

OK, We’ve picked ourselves off the floor now. Ooh, that hurts, our sides splitting… Is there a point to this?

Of course, you think I would let you off that easily?

Nope, there’s always more. We’ll forgive you this time just for cheering us up.

So, it’s occurred to me that people who think less are often happier.

What do you mean?

Well, say the only things you think or worry about is what you’re having for dinner, what was on TV last night, whether you can afford that 42″ HD TV etc.


Well, isn’t that less stressful? To not watch the news, to not get involved in politics, to not really worry about the economy or environment, to not pay any attention to other peoples plights and lives wherever they are on the globe?

Hmmmm…. You’re trying to encourage us to be more stupid aren’t you?

Only if you want to be happier.

Would you be happier if we read your blog less?

I’d be ecstatic.  But I’d worry that you were happier then…. And that would annoy me.

But we like annoying you!

Go away and be more happy then.