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“My Gran died last night :'( ” – Really? Which one?

OMG! You didn’t really say that did you Carl?

No. Of course not. But I am trying to make a point.

Uh oh. Is this going to be a rant?

It was. But I’m going to hold myself back. I’m getting so sick of all the misery on Facebook at the moment that I’m actually starting to hate my ‘Friends’. I nearly deleted my account last night and I’ve been on it since 2007.

What do you mean ‘misery’?

Well, maybe it’s the time of year, but why does every bit of misfortune that befalls anyone have to be put out there for all and sundry to take discomfort from? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unsympathetic but I’m starting to feel pressurised to ‘care’ about a lot of stuff when in fact I could give a shit.

Don’t read it then.

Ah! That good old stock answer. My reply – don’t write it. Keep personal stuff exactly that – personal. I’m very sorry that you’re dead, dying, diagnosed with something horrible or that your penis is a bit scabby but tell me in a PM please. *Sigh*. – Rant over. Got it out of my system.

What are you going to do now?

Check the updates on the ‘friends’ I don’t really like and see if anything nasty has happened to them. I know they’ll make a big deal of telling everyone and it’ll cheer me up.

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God, you have to be careful …

I made a HUGE mistake last night and paid the price in the full.

Why? What did you do?

I follow a site called Why Evolution Is True and made a ‘throw away’ comment regarding a scientist’s view on why organised religion can be considered a reason for Xenophobia. If you follow the link above you can see the trouble it caused. (Me) – Here is what I said –

Very interesting. I’m very happy to be an atheist (and I think too many people confuse that with agnostic). I believe in life after death, I believe in good and evil. I also believe in virgins. Doesn’t mean I have to blow myself up or string someone up on a cross just because they don’t share the same point of view. I also believe a great many people are idiots. So shoot me. 😉

OMG! – Did I get lambasted or what? I had a series of people go on to tell me I was an idiot and confused and must also believe in fairies etc. I felt like I was Penny in the room with Sheldon.


They took it upon themselves to ‘educate’ me in basic physics, biology, chemistry etc. in order to prove that any belief in any type of existence after death is ridiculous.

So what lesson did I learn from all these extremely educated people?

Don’t light a bonfire. Someone WILL piss on it.

Even if you lit it as a joke ….

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The fine sport of arguing…

Does anyone ever win an argument?

Sure you can win, that is, you can come away with a sense of winning but have you really?

I don’t think I’ve ever won an argument where I came away feeling like a winner. Sure, I’ve had fleeting feelings of self-satisfaction or righteousness but these soon fade and then I’ve had to deal with interacting with the loser

People aren’t good losers. I’m not even sure such a thing exists. When I’ve lost I have long harbored bad feelings and resentment towards the winner and even myself (for allowing myself to lose).

Arguments require the participants to be fundamentally convinced they are right which gives them the strength and desire to prove and justify the reasons for their convictions.

I believe in God

You’re an idiot. There’s no proof God exists

What do you mean? The proof is all around us!

No. What’s ‘all around us’ is that hideous wallpaper you chose.

Exactly! God created that wallpaper

Then God’s an idiot. And blind.

The cost of having an argument is not always inflicted upon just the participants. Our neighbors could compete in the Olympics for arguing. Their tactics do not involve the use of logic or presenting well thought-out reasons for why they are right.

Oh no. Only two tactics are employed in this sport – Volume and Repetition. The one who can shout the same thing for the longest and the loudest is the winner.

Do ya hear me now? Do ya hear me now? DO YA HEAR ME NOW?

YES! That’s all we can bloody hear!

Funnily enough, they both get the same prize! They both get to stomp around as long as they can above our bedroom or living room calling the other a stupid ‘something’. The prize often lasts much longer than the actual argument.

In fact, I think it’s a lifetime award….


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Splitting up with a Virgin…

Prepare for a rant (and a bit of comedy).

I (and many others) have had a contract with Virgin Media for phone, broadband and TV services for a number of years. I’ve also been in a relationship with my partner for around the same time.

Now we had to make the decision earlier this year to leave Virgin and transfer to Sky because the cable down the road had been damaged due to earth beneath the surface collapsing. They promised to fix it but over 6 months later this had not been done. Therefore they could not provide the service we had bought and could not fulfill the contract we had agreed.

Clear enough you’d might think?

This can be compared to a relationship you have with another person whether it be marriage or boyfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend, whatever floats your boat. You trade fidelity for benefits gained from sharing costs, holidays, bed etc.

Now. If the relationship has to end – because you move to an area where the service cannot be provided or the expected benefits are withdrawn for a reason not of your making, you would not expect to be punished financially for termination of the contract (with the exception of divorce obviously).

NOT if you’re with Virgin Media. They expect you to pay them for not being able to provide you with the service you contracted for even though it’s their fault! True even if you have gone past the initial 18 month period where can expect to be charged a leaving fee.

About £150 to be exact! Now imagine you cannot enjoy carnal relations with your partner because they have contracted an STD whilst cheating on you and then refuse to get treated. Or you buy a bigger, nicer house in a different area and they refuse to move because it’s too far from their Mum? How would you feel if they then expect to be paid for the ‘privilege’ of having to leave them?

Go and have a look at the Visitor Posts on the left-hand side of the this page – – you will be left with an open mouth when you see the complaints about exactly this kind of thing.

We’ve all got the same feeling about Richard Branson’s company –

Screw you Virgin!

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I’m asking for it…

I’ve NEVER been good at accepting criticism.

Oh, yes, I may nod and agree (I suffer from VERY selective hearing!) but rest assured, criticise me and you’ve just earn’t a place on my ‘Mortal Enemy List’.

Amy: Now Sheldon, I know you’re a left handed monkey wrench but you seriously have a mortal enemy?
Sheldon: Yes, in fact I have 61. Would you like to see the list?

– Big Bang Theory – Season 5, Episode 5

But! It turns out there is an exception to the rule.

Since starting writing, publicly in these blogs and also in ‘secret’ with my novel, I’ve found that not only can I accept criticism/advice but even seek it out!

This is a huge step forward for me and, difficult though it may be, I think it’s making me a better person. – N.B. That’s not admittance that I wasn’t perfect already!

So, feel free to take advantage of this and point out those faults in me you’ve always wanted to!

But be warned…

There’s still room on the list…