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That is NOT an ‘effing Margarita…

Oh dear Carl. What happened?

Well. *DEEP SIGH* I was out in Las Vegas being taken for dinner by friends last week…


Well. We were seated and the waitress naturally asked us if we would like drinks. I spied two ladies drinking from cocktail glasses with white crystals around the rim and the light bulb switched on in my mouth.

Ah, you thought they were drinking Margaritas?

Yes. My all-time favourite cocktail. My number one each and every time. Drunk them all over the world.


I ordered one.


I got a snow-cone.

Ah… Did you make her cry?

Not at first. I asked her WTF it was. She dutifully replied it was a Margarita.

Hmmm… What did you say?

It took me a few seconds to think of a response. I finally came up the witty response “No the **** it isn’t. Margaritas don’t have ice in them and they certainly don’t come in half-pint glasses. They come in glasses like that!”, pointing at the empty conical glasses on the other table.

“Oh no Sir, they’re for Daiquiris…”

At this point I began to cry and ordered beer instead. It arrived in a soup bowl…

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Just how lazy are you?

Perhaps I should be asking myself that question. I’m very, very, very lazy. – SEE! I was going to add a fourth ‘very’ there but I couldn’t.

I’m too lazy.

My partner pointed out a advertisement on TV that exemplified this problem in the modern world. In the UK we have a summer drink called Pimms.


You fill a jug with ice then add Pimms, lemonade and sliced cucumber, fruit and garnish with mint. Very refreshing!

But you can be even lazier.

You can now buy pre-packaged sliced fruit especially for making Pimms. You don’t have to slice anything yourself!


Yes. Seriously.

Now I know I’m (as I said) very, very lazy but even I can slice a bloody cucumber. At a push I could even do a strawberry!

Feeling too lazy to go on now. I’ve got some pre-grated cheese to eat.

Might even open the packet myself …