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So. I’m last… BUT! It’s all good…

OK Carl. We know you’re going to tell us whether we want to hear about it or not… *sigh*

Yes! But this is great news. It finally happened! 😀

*2nd sigh* – Go on then, what happened?

You know! The thing!

*3rd sigh* WHAT thing?

OK, seeing you’re being so pushy. I’m not going to shout about it or make a big deal but…           I’M A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!

Funny. Thought someone as talented a writer as you would have been published years ago….

Yeah, you’d think. But admittedly I have hidden my light under a bushel for a long time…

So what’s this about you being last?

Well, in their wisdom, the publishers made my story the last one in the anthology.

And that’s a good thing? We’d expect you to be upset.

Well you’d be wrong. When you go to a gig do you remember the first song or the last?

Hmmm… I do see your point. So you’re taking it as a compliment?

Absolutely. Always leave them (you) wanting more… 😉  Buy it here. I would say please but I don’t want to lose your respect.


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Do me a favor?(Favour if spelt correctly)

Blooming Yanks. Always taking U away and changing S to Z…. Pfffttt…

Anyway, joking aside. Writers are a very nice bunch of people and a great community (generally) and I would like to ask a favour. (See how I spelt that wright?)  😉

A friend of mine has had HUGE problems with her publishing house and decided to go it alone (Self-publish). She’s using a thing called Thunderclap to help promote and need just 14 more people to support her latest dirty book (Sorry, erotica) to get it moving.

Any of you care enough to click on a button? You know I’ll always be there for you too.

While I’m here I have to tell you about our new Facebook group. The Writing Artists Troop. (T.W.A.T.) for short. It’s lewd, rude and loads of fun. Not all nicey-nicey like lot a lot of writing groups. It’s a great place to vent. Only thing not allowed is your basic bigotry – Racism, Sexism, Disability etc. etc. Come check us out.


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Can’t share…

Why cant you share?

Because some people are dumb-asses and don’t know brilliant tech guys like me and their web-sites are poorly configured.


It’s annoying. I wanted to reblog this but can’t so I’m only able to put the link below. It’s still worth reading though. Pffftttt….

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Writing is sometimes ****

Being a creative writer can be extremely stressful. Although there’s an awful lot of peer support there is also an awful lot of peer pressure.

And a lot of writing groups and sites are sometimes ‘over’ moderated and very ‘politically correct’.

You’re right! But what can you do? Where can you vent, bitch, complain etc about other authors, publishers, reviewers and all the people that drag you down?

Aah. I’m glad you asked.

Why’s that?

We created a group where you can say what you like. Bigotry excepted it’s no-holds barred, gloves off stuff. It’s self-moderating so if you’re expecting to create a fight you will most probably get one. It’s also extremely funny. Bad language encouraged. Lewdness encouraged. Speaking your mind – encouraged.

Brilliant! Where can I find this awesome group?

Facebook – Search for The Writing Artists Troop – T.W.A.T for short. Closed group – just send a request. Just remember – You have been warned. 😉

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I’m a writer. Not a bloody accountant.

What on earth are you talking about now?

I’m fed up. As an aspiring author I am a member of several writing sites/Facebook groups etc etc.

So? What’s that got to do with numbers?

Well. Everyone seems obsessed with word count. How many words do you plan to write today? Oooh, I’m so pleased. I wrote 15,000,000 words today. It’s such a rush. Etc etc.

Well. Isn’t it nice that people are happy with aiming to achieve things and are pleased when they reach their goals?

No. It’s bloody annoying. Writing is art. How many artists do you hear saying they’re going to paint ten pieces today? How many musicians tell you their goal for the day is to compose an album? It’s daft. I’d rather write one good sentence than 2000 words of crap.

Ummm. You may have a point.

Shut up. I’m trying to write….

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Social Murderer

This is a submission for a 100 word story challenge from Zipsrid.


Why is my phone wearing a shoe?

Andy was struggling to look at the screen through the red haze. I must have drunk WAY too much last night. He’d been at Mitch’s stag do. Mitch was getting hitched on Saturday. That had been the standing joke of the night. Albeit a really bad one. Andy tried to blink away the sticky sleep from his eyes. He peered closer at the phone that seemed to be constantly ringing and buzzing. More Facebook notifications? Go away!

That can’t be right? His mobile phone appeared to have metamorphosed into a shoe. His shoe. And it had his sock in it. The green socks with yellow diamonds he’d been wearing last night. And the sock wasn’t empty. It had a foot in it. His foot. Raggedly severed with bone protruding from the stump. Andy screamed and dropped the revolting object. It fell up and thudded loudly on the ceiling of his car.

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A friend posted on FaceBook today about how difficult it is to write a menacing scene without slipping into cliche…

I commented and wrote this. I thought it was quite good and had nothing else to say today so I thought I’d repeat it here…

Try to imagine diluted hydrochloric acid being dropped on to your head, one tiny drop each hour. You smell and hear your hair sizzle. Then you feel the itch and burn as it eats through your scalp and nerve endings. Then when you feel nothing, all you can hear is the faint sizzle as it melts through your skull and into your brain. Slowly dissolving your memories and soul…. Then pick up your pen.

Feeling inspired? 😀